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New year, new blah blah blah blog!

Bonjour, Internet. Hello, First Week of The New Year. I’m not sure which of you feels more intimidating or full of extraordinary expectations at the moment, but I have arrived to tell you that I am, in the year of present, starting this blog.

And you might be wondering who the hell reads blogs in 2021? Apparently like 409 million of you do.

This is a thing that I’ve thought about since junior high when Tavi Gevinson and Leandra Medine were my fashion blog icons, and Teen Vogue was my Bible. It’s a thing I was told to do by professors in college when I was doing studio visits or going to art shows almost every day of the week. It’s a thing I was told to do by a professional mentor of mine when I began doing wardrobe styling.

As each year passed I talked myself out of it partially because I believed that blogs were dying, but mostly because I was terrified of being perceived as another vapid white privileged self important voice on the internet with nothing interesting enough to publish.

A few days ago, a close friend who has known me through all of these years lovingly told me that my words have outgrown instagram captions and that she would be excited to read my blog if I had one. Perhaps I’m not that interesting, but I’m certain that I fill my life with interesting things and beautiful people. Find yourself a friend that will tell you to make public the thing you have done consistently since you were a kid:

“Taylor, you’ve been an obsessive journal keeper since you were literally nine. Just write a damn blog. Who cares who reads it? If one person leaves it encouraged, intrigued or inspired you’ve won.”

Alas, here we are. New year, new blah blah blah blog. On this little blog of mine you will find everything from studio visits and interviews with artists and designers I love, to *lite* fashion/ art criticism including show reviews, to spicy hot takes on anything visual or pop culture, to conversations and content around justice and sustainability from experts of all kinds, to tell-all stories from working in the fashion industry & art world (that you will just not even believe!), shop talk, heart talk, and other musings on being a single 20 something human freelancing her way through a pandemic economy and loving *most* moments of her one wild and precious life.


Taylor Hansen Hughes

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