Taylor brings enthusiasm to everything she does. Whether it’s clothing or art, it’s all very special to her. She has a keen eye, is quick to decipher your style and likely to introduce you to something new. The time we spend together is always something to look forward to."-Elena


"Having had the pleasure of working with Taylor on several fashion shoots, her execution as a stylist is consistent and fearless. She displays respect and camaraderie with the team and builds a genuine connection with models; pulling out the beauty and quirk of the individual(s) and visually combining it with the direction of the story to be told. She uses clothing as a strong beginning point with a readiness and eye for enhancing the vision with the use of setting, angles, props and playfulness. I believe her prized quality is her emotional intelligence; allowing her to bring a solid energy and maintain excellence throughout each project." -Chelli 


“I LOVE everything about what Taylor has put together that I do not know where to start!  I have always known what I like but I have had a hard time articulating my style.  The way Taylor articulated MY style is amazing... All the items she identified are up my alley. She really narrowed it in well!  It's amazing how much progress we made from one video call and I feel even more confident. Thank you Taylor!!  So much fun and I am looking forward to building a closet I love and feel good about.” -Spring


“As a photographer, it's common to find collaborators that can stand on their own with talent and insight to offer. But to find someone who also acts as an essential part of a team—who moves and flows with the group as a project takes shape, is paramount. In my experience working with Taylor, she does both beautifully. As a stylist, she is precise, creative, and knowledgeable and adds positive energy to the shoot. It's always a privilege to work with her.” -Chloe


“Taylor has an eye for fashion. She helped me put together stylish outfits from clothes that have been sitting in my closet for months! She is so professional, and she really cares about how your style and your wardrobe make you feel. With her help, I have narrowed down my closet to my favorite pieces and honed in on my style. Taylor has also introduced me to boutiques and online stores that are exactly what I am looking for! I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me!” -Marketa