Chicago based stylist Taylor Hansen Hughes

Closet Curation: The Process

  1. Together we will find the language to define your style. This is not meant to put your style into a box, but to refine it. We don’t have to put an exact label on how you would like your style to be perceived, but we have to begin somewhere. At this point we will discuss things like fit & color preferences, style icons you might have, stores & designers you enjoy, etc! 

  2. Next, we will go through your closet & make edits. I prefer that my clients are with me throughout this process, but if you have limited time you can leave it to me.

  3. Third, we will fill in the gaps! This process can be done a number of ways. I can shop for you and bring a curated selection to your home for you to choose from, or we can go out and do the shopping together! I have relationships with the best boutiques & department stores in the world, so the experience will be seamless either way. I also will happily sift through the world wide fashion web, vintage shops, & local designers to bring you the most original pieces that speak specifically to you. 

  4. Finally, I’ll pull it all together in your closet. I will create for you a lookbook of outfits (digitally or in print- whatever your preference) to make getting dressed for the everyday, special events & even travel an absolute breeze! 

  5. Closet Maintenance: fashion is constantly moving & shifting, but a timeless wardrobe doesn’t necessarily have to. Some clients call me at the beginning of every season & others just when they need a “refresh”. I’m your on-call-curator at this point, so it’s up to you!

I'll get back to you soon!